The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) is one of the most prestigious universities in our country with more than 35,000 students * among undergraduate students, qualifying for the various types of masters and doctoral programs every year.

Doceo Sfotware implemented the doceo eCopia solution to manage the documentation of the Department of Psychology and, in this way, optimize the daily work during the school calendar.

From doceo eCopia we destacate the following characteristics:

Quickly reviewed the content of the PDF document.
Smart metadade assignation.
Obtained a PDF document with the metadata, digital signature and temps.
Compliance with current regulations.
Simple and intuitive configuration for a quick adaptation of the personnel.

* Data from the website (September 2020).

The doceo eCopia solution was implemented during the month of November 2019.



Doceo eCompulsa at the Barcelona City Council

Authentic copy for check-in documentation integrated into single window system

This project is addressed to the digitization of the entry registration documentation and specifically the single window for the Barcelona’s City Council.

The registration of a city hall is one of the areas where more document traffic are generated. The great challenge for doceo eCompulsa was to demonstrate the good adaptability to all the variety of documents that citizens can deliver.

That is why we highlight from doceo eCompulsa applied to the internal security system of Barcelona, the following characteristics:

  • Adaptation to current legislation and all the requirements of the public administration.
  • Start the process with web solutions.
  • Capture in color and double sided.
  • Automatic detection of the page if it’s in color, grayscale or black and white and automatic enhancement.
  • Blank page detection with content analysis without the use of size thresholds.
  • Automatic generation of PDF / A documents and inclusion of metadata.
  • Digitization, generation and sending of documents in memory (nothing is saved on disk).
  • Separation of documents using separator sheets.
  • Signature delegated to external modules in compliance with the signature policies according to the parameter indicated in the call.
  • The transmission between the scanner and the computer is done by TWAIN.
  • Integration with Documenta as a document repository and the MGCE module for digital signatures.
  • Ability to use desktop and network multifunctional computers with the option to show or hide computers from the user.
  • Viewer of scanned images and elimination of blank pages (with the possibility of recovering them).
  • Automatic deletion of documents sent to external systems in case the document exceeds a threshold indicated in the process call.
  • Notification of the result of the digitization process to an address indicated as a parameter.
  • Inform the user of the number of scanned pages, separator sheets, blank sheets, pages with content, the size of each document generated, and all documents processed during the scanning session.

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