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    Digitize the flow of invoices issued to your customers

    Multi-platform application

    Adaptation to all types of companies

    Compliance with the law

    Turnkey solutions

    Digitize the flow of invoices issued to your customers.

    • Invoices in structured format
    • Invoice personalisation
    • Sending of invoices by email

    Unlimited products or services
    You can create an unlimited number of billable products and/or services within the catalogue.

    Unlimited customers
    You will be able to send invoices to an unlimited number of customers.

    Unlimited invoices
    You will be able to issue an unlimited number of invoices.

    Invoice due date control
    1GB Storage / Historical invoice records
    Regularly scheduled backups.
    Ensures compliance with applicable regulations (Royal Decree 1619/2012)
    Integration with other solutions

    Remote maintenance and technical support in less than 24 hours

    • It has a direct technical support telephone number.
    • An email address where you can make any queries.
    • A ticket system on our website.
    • A chatbot to resolve simple technical queries directly, in just a few minutes.


    The solution includes training to acquire sufficient knowledge to use and manage the application independently, both for the role of user and administrator, especially in terms of regulatory compliance.

    You will always have a link where you can access the latest version of the complete user manual or infographic sheets for quick and easy use.

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