Create and sign your documents via HTML in the same way as on paper

With doceo BioSign Forms you sign just as you would with paper, but with all the legal guarantees


Signing documents anywhere with a mobile phone or tablet


Increasing the quality of signature processes, including traceability.


eIDAS compliance (Article 26 of the European Regulation 910/2014)


Secure and fast transactions, with strong legal backing in disagreements


API for integration with external systems


Firma y gestión en tiempo real de formularios dinámicos basados en procesos.
  • Creación de formularios a partir de plantillas HTML disponibles para firmar con datos procedentes desde su ERP: formularios de clínicas, solicitudes de pólizas de seguro, notas de entrega, formularios de revisión de instalaciones, etc.
  • Captura y gestión de la información requerida.
  • Permite ver en totalidad el formulario antes de firmarlo.
  • Reordenación de formularios según necesidades y preferencias.
  • Gestión de formularios sin conexión.
  • Permite la edición del formulario añadiendo múltiples datos como firma biométrica, fecha, hora, datos de geolocalización, imágenes, fotos, códigos de barra, anotaciones, observaciones en caso de incidencias, etc.
  • Opción de recepción del formulario firmado por el firmante al correo electrónico.
  • Historial de solicitudes para todos los envíos de formularios.
  • Aplicación compatible con IOS y Android.
  • Fácil integración con cualquier otra solución.
  • Los datos del formulario y su estado se enviarán a la oficina en tiempo real, lo que permitirá a la empresa tomar medidas adicionales si es necesario.
  • Toda la documentación en formato digital firmada, sin papel.
  • Capacidad de generar flujos de trabajo automáticamente.


Real-time signing and management of dynamic process-based forms.

  • Creation of forms from HTML templates available for signing with data from your ERP: clinic forms, insurance policy applications, delivery notes, facility review forms, etc.
  • Capture and management of required information.
  • Allows you to view the form in its entirety before signing it.
  • Reordering of forms according to needs and preferences.
  • Offline form management.
  • Allows the form to be edited by adding multiple data such as biometric signature, date, time, geolocation data, images, photos, barcodes, annotations, observations in the event of incidents, etc.
  • Option to receive the form signed by the signatory by e-mail.
  • History of requests for all form submissions.
  • Application compatible with IOS and Android.
  • Easy integration with any other solution.
  • The form data and its status will be sent to the office in real time, allowing the company to take additional measures if necessary.
  • All documentation in digitally signed, paperless format.
  • Ability to generate workflows automatically.

Doceo BioSign Forms complies with European eIDAS and GDPR regulations

We guarantee you the peace of mind of being able to dispose of your evidence at any time in the event of a legal requirement.


Doceo BioSign offers several options to best suit your specific needs

Doceo BioSign F2F

Signing any document in person and in real time, saving time and complying with legislation.

Doceo BioSign Delivery

Signing of delivery documents in real time, saving time and money. With incident reporting including photos, comments, geolocation, etc.

Doceo BioSign Mobile

The two-factor signature can be beneficial for any person or entity wishing to strengthen the security and protection of their documents.

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