doceo facCert

Doceo facCert is the solution to massively scan, process and classify supplier invoices in paper or electronic format in a global, simple and customizable way.
  • Automatic data search without prior knowledge.
  • With automatic reading of header data.
  • Automatic reading of detail lines with validation: basic or advanced (*).
  • Automatic identification of the provider, with the possibility of validation against the customer’s master data.
  • Generation of optimized color PDF documents, occupying little space and without losing quality.
  • Generation of customized metadata for integration with the client’s subsequent processes.
  • With access control and document traceability.
1. Scanning / Importing documents

Digitization of documents in paper format, PDF or imported directly from e-mail:

  • Intelligent improvement of image quality.
  • Detecting and deleting blank pages, optionally.
  • Reviewing content with advanced analytics techniques.
  • Converting the document between color, grayscale and black and white.
2. Processing of pages and documents

The process of all the documents included in doceo’s import folder is carried out, in a completely transparent way to the user.

3. Validation

The user can review all the data associated with the document, easily correcting any information extracted.

  • With the possibility of accessing the customer’s master data, for example, suppliers, orders…
  • With customized controls, for example, verify that the sum of the amounts of the lines matches the total invoice.
4. Transfer / Result
Once the document is approved, the following actions are taken:
  • Saving the final PDF document in the destination folder or the document manager of the company.
  • Generation of the metadata read from the document, according to the final format agreed with the client: .XML file, .TXT, .CSV, in database tables, via webservice…
  • Log and traceability record of all documents transferred.


Do you spend a lot of time with the process of indexing your documents?


Enhance images to make the document easier to read or to ensure that stamps or marks on the document are visible.


Basic: General information.
Advanced: Line extraction.

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