Sign your digital documents with dual remote authentication, without a signature, and with full legal validity

With doceo BioSign Mobile or two-factor, any document can be digitally signed without the need for a signature


Signing documents anywhere with a mobile phone or tablet


Increasing the quality of signature processes, including traceability.


eIDAS compliance (Article 26 of the European Regulation 910/2014)


Secure and fast transactions, with strong legal backing in disagreements


API for integration with external systems


Double authentication digital signature software that allows signing PDF documents remotely without the need for a signature

Doceo BioSign Mobile enables the signing of documents with two-factor authentication.

  • The two-factor signature adds security through two-factor authentication, making it difficult to access and forge digital documents.
  • Signing option via the Doceo Biosign Mobile APP or email link that allows:
  1. Validation via email link and OTP (One Time Password) with SMS to the signatory’s smartphone with which they can secure their identity;
  2. Validation via the BioSign Mobile application and OTP (One Time Password) to the signatory’s smartphone to secure their identity.
  • Saving time and travel when managing any procedure.
  • Possibility of creating signature requests for one or multiple documents.
  • Allows you to define the number of signatories, the mode and protocol in which they must sign.
  • Notifications by mail in case of acceptance or rejection of the signature.
  • Allows the document to be viewed in its entirety before signing it.
  • Automatic sending of the signed document by e-mail to the signatory.
  • The evidence report that certifies that the file has been delivered contains all the information necessary to corroborate that the recipient has received the email, the origin and date of sending, as well as the actions taken.
  • APP available for IOS and Android devices.
  • All documentation in signed digital format, without paper.
  • Configuration of the language of the message received by the signatory.

When we want to add more than one signature to the same document, we also offer an option to do so in different ways:

ONE – allows that regardless of the number of signatories it is sufficient to validate a document with the signature of a certain number of customers. Once the required number of signatories have signed, the remaining signatories will no longer have the document as pending signature, their signature status will change to “unnecessary”.

PARALLELO – allows the same document to be signed by more than one person at a time, but unlike one, it does not validate the result until all clients have signed.

SERIE – acts as a queue, it does not allow customers to sign until the one in the previous position in the signing order defined when making the request has signed. The document will not be validated until everyone has accepted or if someone declines.

Doceo BioSign Mobile complies with European eIDAS and GDPR regulations

We guarantee you the peace of mind of being able to dispose of your evidence in the event of a legal requirement


The two-factor signature can be beneficial for any person or entity wishing to strengthen the security and protection of their documents.

SMEs and large companies

Companies handling sensitive information, such as contracts, legal agreements or customer data, can use the two-factor signature to ensure the authenticity and integrity of documents.

Human resources

The two-factor signature ensures the authenticity of documents, prevents fraud and guarantees data integrity. It also improves security in the management of contracts and sensitive documents, providing a more robust and reliable signature process, even remotely and from the comfort of the user’s device.

Financial institutions

Banks, investment firms or other financial institutions may require two-factor signatures to validate important transactions, ensure the security of funds and protect their customers’ financial information.

Public administrations

Public administrations can implement two-factor signatures to ensure the authenticity of official documents and protect sensitive data related to governmental matters, such as licences, permits or legal records.

Self-employed, freelancers and more

Lawyers, notaries, accountants and other independent professionals can use the two-factor signature to ensure the authenticity of the legal or financial documents they handle on behalf of their clients.

Anyone wishing to add an additional layer of security to their personal or professional documents, such as lease agreements, loan agreements, medical documents, among others, can choose to use the two-factor signature.


What is the two-factor signature?

two-factor authentication, also known as two-factor authentication (2FA), is a security method that requires two different forms of verification to access an account or complete a transaction.

In this case, a email and a mobile phone with SMS reception.

By requiring both factors, an additional layer of protection is added, as even if one factor is compromised, the other factor provides an additional measure of security. This helps prevent unauthorised access to sensitive accounts or data.

What is the legal validity of the two-factor signature?

Its legal validity is guaranteed by its high reliability and it can be used as evidence in legal proceedings, as it guarantees the integrity of the signed document.

According to article 25 of the European eIDAS Regulation, “an electronic signature shall not be denied legal effect and admissibility as evidence in legal proceedings solely on the grounds that it is an electronic signature.

This regulation recognises the legal validity of documents signed by means of electronic signatures and the obligation to be admitted in legal proceedings.

The two-factor signature, like the biometric signature, would be included in this type of electronic signature.


Doceo BioSign offers several options to best suit your specific needs

Doceo BioSign F2F

Signing any document in person and in real time, saving time and complying with legislation.

Doceo BioSign Delivery

Signing of delivery documents in real time, saving time and money. With incident reporting including photos, comments, geolocation, etc.

Doceo BioSign Forms

Real-time signing and management of dynamic process-based forms.

With doceo BioSign better, quicker and easier than if you did it on paper

Public administrations, SMEs and large national and international companies rely on our solutions.

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