We are craftsmen in the management of digital objects; digital content generation, web document management, validation circuits, automatic document classification, information extraction, weight reduction, quality improvement, content identification, long-term archiving, digital signature, biometric signature with legal validity, mass digitisation.

We offer companies and public administrations secure document solutions with full legal validity that streamline all their processes to improve their productivity.

Being manufacturers and having more than 15 years of experience in document management, we have the capacity to analyse the document processes of large companies, SMEs, micro-companies or public administration and to exhaustively define the digital work processes that adapt to the new needs.

We are the main distributor in Spain, Portugal and Andorra of Upland Objectif Lune, a leading international company in composition solutions, automation of management processes, multichannel outputs and data capture.

Doceo Software is firmly committed to R&D and has references in the entire business range, large companies, SMEs and micro-companies, local, regional and national public administration.

Our solutions help you focus your efforts on what really matters to your business
BioSign Forms Solution

We bring to the market the solution for the creation of HTML forms and biometric signature.

Biometric signature solutions

We bring to the market face-to-face (BioSign F2F), two-factor (BioSign Mobile) or delivery (BioSign Delivery) digital signature solutions.

BlockChain solutions integration

Now a day we continue innovating in all our products.

Deep Learning algorithms are being developed
Image enhancement technology

Integration of the automatic image improvement module to improving quality.

Weight reduce technology

Integration of the module to reduce the weight of documents.

Text enhancement technology

Integration of the automatic image improvement module to facilitate text reading.

Integration with iArchive

Unique digitisation solution and file transfer to the iArxiu.

MIDPOINT project

Start of the MIDPOINT project on new approaches to long-term digital preservation, co-financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Document identification technology according to morphology

Integration of automatic identification of documents based on their morphology, allowing documents to be classified automatically.

Implementation of eCompulsa doceo

First implementations of doceo eCompulsa, oriented to the digitisation of entry documentation and file documentation with electronic signature and time signature.

Installation of the first version of doceo facCert

First installation of doceo facCert, implementing the digitisation and extraction of data from supplier invoices for automatic accounting.

AEAT Certification for certified invoice scanning.

Mass digitisation projects with barcode reading

First mass digitisation projects with barcode reading (fines, delivery notes, notifications, orders and invoices) and manual indexing (documentation of legal archives).

We start with the development of solutions and R&D

We start a new adventure!

Doceo Software has signed an agreement as main distributor throughout the Iberian Peninsula with Upland Objectif Lune, a leading international company in composition solutions, management process automation, multichannel output and data capture.

We join forces to offer, throughout the peninsula, the best document lifecycle management in both the private and public sectors, with solutions 100% adapted to your needs.

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