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    doceo MANAGEMENT OF SUPPLIER INVOICES | Invoice management from beginning to end

    Multi-platform application

    Adaptation to all types of companies

    Compliance with the law

    Turnkey solutions

    Supplier invoices: massively scan, process and classify supplier invoices in paper or electronic format.

    • Ability to generate workflows automatically.
    • Establish relationships between documents: Orders – Delivery notes – Invoices.
    • Action history queries are detailed and immutable.
    • Incorporation of your documents scanned or in digital format via folder, quick upload (drag and drop) or e-mail.
    • Simple and advanced searches.
    • Access, insertion, modification and cancellation permissions based on document types or attributes. 100% configurable.

    Change the way you work by delegating data reading and validation to us:

    • It is more cost-effective, we reduce operating costs.
    • Faster results and with incident control.
    • We have specialized staff trained by us.
    • You will be able to focus on the tasks that add value to your business.

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      DoceoSoftware, S.L. participates in the ICEX-Next Export Initiation Programme, and is supported by ICEX and co-financed by European ERDF funds. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.