Thanks to doceoPOD you will always know where your deliveries have been made

23rd September, 2022

We have incorporated to our doceoPOD, complete management and signature of proofs of delivery, some of the most efficient advantages on the market thanks to OL Connect Objectif Lune.

With DoceoPOD all your proofs of delivery are signed and validated in the easiest way you can imagine. Now, with Connect OL, you will also have automated some of the most tedious processes related to proof of delivery management.

What does Connect OL do for you?

  • Creates a digital version of the printed forms.
  • Manages the data flow between mobile devices.
  • Real-time management portal.
  • Changes in the information of the operation.
  • Sends complete delivery notes to the system workflow.
  • Sends real-time communications to the customer.

What do you think? As you can see, we took full advantage of adding technology to the Objectif Lune mix.

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