Dual factor technology for doceoPOD

21rd September, 2022

We have added the most advanced two-factor signature technology to our delivery note solution. In this way, your delivery notes in digital format can be signed remotely and without the need for a signature and with legal validity.

Proof of delivery and delivery notes must be signed by the person who receives the delivery. Until now, doceoPOD had the biometric signature for its validity.

For the biometric signature, the signatory must sign on a handheld device (tablet or smartphone) using a digital pen. This is the form that most closely resembles the paper form, but what happens if the delivery is made, but the person responsible for signing is not present to sign? For these cases, the double factor signature has been implemented.

In order to perform a two-factor signature on a delivery note or receipt, the signatory accesses doceoBioSign, our biometric signature solution, and enters their email address and request code there. At the moment, he receives an SMS on his mobile device with an access code. He accesses doceoBioSign with his code and there is an access to the proof of delivery in PDF format that is pending to be signed. He signs it and it is legally validated.

From here, he can send his proofs of delivery to doceoStore (Document Manager) and he can store and consult data for administrative or warehouse tasks.

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